Summer Training Staff


Two months of growth in the Lord like you’ve never experienced before. This is a time for you to be poured into by our staff and by others for growth in the areas of our heads, hearts, and hands.  Summer Staff will involve…

Living in biblical and mission oriented community. The Father has created us to live, grow, learn, and multiply as the body. Therefore, living in the beauty of this community will provide you with the opportunity to better know God and his Word and how to carry that with you in all of life and to teach others. All for the glory of His name. 

We have planned multiple activities designed to stretch and challenge you in ways that will help you grow as a leader in Christ and in your community for the rest of your life! You will deepen your knowledge of the historical context of Scripture and how to live on mission in gospel community!  All of these activities have been chosen with specific purpose that your life may glorify Him all the more. An example of these is that summer staff will be in smaller teams that will be required to cook for the rest of the staff during training days.

Our staff will be lead you in two different biblical studies classes, these will be teachings comparable to the classes in seminary and doctoral studies! We not only want you leaving this summer with more knowledge of the Lord, but also with the ability to dive into and study the Word for yourselves in order to live your lives in light of it. We see in scripture the call to obediently disciple and teach others that which the Lord has entrusted to each of us as believers (2 Timothy 2:2). Because of this, we desire for you all to receive time with our staff and one another in a camp setting to help encourage one another and ask questions to help you understand Scripture and how it is applied in your life. 

But we also want to make it clear that the common thread purpose behind everything involved in Summer Staff is to be able to take it out in fulfilling the mission of God! We grow up in our relationship with the Lord and we grow in in gospel driven and sacrificial community in order to take it out. Even the classes are to this end. May our increased knowledge of the Father through our better grasp of His Word deepen our burden for others to know Him and may our love for one another as the church draw others to Him. Our lives should be saturated with outreach, and in order to learn this rhythm of daily missional living you will be working as a camp counselor to kids, learning how to disciple them and share the gospel with them in all things, and also serve as support to one another so you learn how to display servant leadership and also serve.  You will help prepare activities and curriculum to teach kids based on what the Lord has been teaching you through his Word. This is where staff takes all they have learned and put it into action. Our desire is to equip and walk alongside you in sharing your faith and your lives with those who don’t know Him. The gift that comes with this kind of investment is that your relationships with these friends and families won’t end when the summer does because you have planted roots here for this season of life and you will want to see Marannook continue to bless others!

“Our hope is that through a willing and moldable heart, Summer Staff will push and stretch you farther than you thought possible in your relationship with the Father, the Church, and the world around you that doesn’t yet know of Him, for the glory of Jesus’ name, now and for the rest of your life!?”


Jesus! (but really). We want you to look more like Jesus, we want you to know Him better and more vibrantly fulfill His mission in every area of your lives. And to do this we must give time to it and we must let it be a multi-faceted molding into His image. Our desire is simply Jesus and more of Him and our desire for you as a part of this team is the same. We’re praying that the Lord provides a team seeking to know and bear more of His image, a team that desires to be pushed and stretched for the sake of the gospel; we want to walk with you this summer into more of His likeness. 


This is open to any college aged student that is 18 years or older who is ready and willing to fully dive in with us for this summer. For this to be what it needs to be, it will require a commitment from May 10 – the end of July. We want any of you who desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus and your fulfillment of His mission to apply to join us for the summer. It will be intense, but worth it. 


May 10th – July 28th, 2021


Apply!  See below for a link to apply. 

As a part of the application process you will have an interview and based on review, have an offer extended to you.  If you have any questions, please contact  Taylor Teel at


Room and Board: Just like any camp, but especially this one, fruit is born through physically living in community alongside one another, learning how to care for and serve one another each and every day. For that reason you commit to being on campus all Summer with some exceptions on the weekend.  All food and housing is provided for the summer with exception of weekends (when there is usually leftovers)

Working: You are fully committed to Marannook  for the summer so please do not arrange outside jobs.

Leaving the Camp: We do realize that you may have family or friend commitments you have made prior to camp (such as weddings).  Based on availability of fellow counselors, we ask that those dates be provided and planned for ahead of time.

Food: similar to other summer projects we will be providing simple breakfast options so that this isn’t a cost to worry about, as well as pooling our money as a community and spending many nights cooking together and splitting that responsibility between houses for dinner. 

Transportation: Summer Staff is responsible for getting to Marannook in LaFayette, AL.  However, if transportation is a burden, we will work to find ways for you to be able to get to Marannook.  


Summer Staff as a whole is provided by the generosity of others who desire to see college student grow in the Lord and serve kids so there is no cost. If you need help offsetting costs that may be incurred through the Summer, please let us know so that we can make arrangements for you to be part of Marannook and relieve financial burdens from being able to come.

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Applications are now being accepted for Summer Staff. Please share this link to anyone who may be interested.

If you have questions, please contact